The Little Town by the Sea

In a small town by the sea, there was a great conspiracy. The inhabitants of the town were nothing like the regular townsfolk. The main attraction wasn’t the amusement park, which they did not have, or the scarce food stands.

No. The only reason people drove so far out into the little town by the sea was because of the events held there. There were food competitions, and swimming races, and man made hammocks and they all took place within the sea. It wasn’t far from the shore, and never on violent days.

The water was crystal clear and you could see inside if it was still daylight. The events, however, never took place during the light of day. If they had, there would have been no way to hide what was truly happening.

The swimming race competitors never came back, children or adults that would fall from the hammocks never resurfaced, and the drunkards that had passed out by the shore never woke up in the same place, or at all.

It wasn’t that their foot would slip or get caught by the reed but more along the lines of it would be dragged under. Hammocks were flipped and swimming race competitors were purposely directed away from the safe area and into a deeper, darker area. Screams were never heard, muffled under the sea, or lost in the bustling of the music.

Most made it back home in one piece, provided their vans didn’t slip off the rocky path and plunged into the depth of the sea. If one were unlucky enough to see the spectacle of vibrant pink, aquamarine and other such color of fish tails paired with an upper human body jumping out of the water in pairs, one would plunge straight into their death as they would be immediately charmed. By the time they regained their senses, they would find themselves submerged or surrounded by humanoids whose teeth were more similar to those of a shark as opposed to a human.

— Catloverr’s Journal of Nightmares and Monsters


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