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This is now my second time voting in an ACT Election, and this time, I am thinking quite differently to last election.

In 2016, I was looking to vote for the candidates that I believed were going to grow the Canberran economy the most while focusing on fixing social issues and addressing environmental sustainability.

This year, I am interested in who can fix the footpaths.

That is the single issue I am asking any candidate for my electorate of Kurrajong to address — the paths.

There are far bigger issues in the ACT, some of which impact me. …

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Over the last 5 years, we have accomplished incredible feats around the world in making the Global Goals for Sustainable Development highly identifiable and well-known. Of course, this is the first step in the achievement of any agenda — to have a majority of people on board.

However, as we enter the third-way point of this 15-year agenda, it is time to buckle down in what is being called “The Decade of Action”.

The Global Goals were signed up to by all 193 United Nation member states on what some affectionately refer to as Global Goal Day, September 25, 2015. The Agenda ‘officially’ runs from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2030; however, due to the United Nations General Assembly being held in New York each year during September, a lot of the reporting centres around this time of year. …

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Here at the Global Goals Australia Campaign, we love Budget Night every year. However, this year was even more exciting than previous years as the biggest budget since WWII was handed down by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in Parliament House in Canberra last night.

The Treasurer explained that while our net debt will peak at almost a trillion dollars in the financial year ending 2024, as a share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), our debt is only half of that of the UK, a third of that of the US and a quarter of that of Japan.

This budget aims to ensure we recover from this recession caused by the pandemic of COVID-19, the bushfires and the numerous natural disasters at the beginning of the year. The main focus of this recovery is jobs and employment. …


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