Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is a famous singer and songwriter. She became famous through her childhood career on Barney , later with her show Sonny With a Chance, and her movies Camp Rock 1 and 2. Although she started with acting, Demi has taken her career and focused it on her singing and has become extremely popular for her amazing voice and dedication to her fans.

Demi uses Instagram and has 37.3 million followers and she only follows 168. She uses her Instagram to keep her fans updated on her life. She endorses her new albums, songs, products, and concerts that she will be participating in. She posts pictures of herself performing, people she will/ have performed with and does a really good job keeping her fans updated about her life.

Not only does Demi use Instagram for her career, but she also uses it to express her feeling about personal and family matters. She makes posts about her idols, such as her grandmother, her political interests, gender equality, and even simple posts to make her fans feel god about themselves. Like every Monday she posts a selfie of herself without make up with some kind of caption explaining that everyone is beautiful in her own way. Demi uses her fame to portray a positive image for fans, for them to love themselves.

Demi also uses Twitter. 35.5 million people follow her and she only follows 432! As with Instagram she does a lot of promoting for her career on Twitter but not nearly as much. Recently she has been twitting a lot about her political views in the presidential campaign, she wants Hilary Clinton for president. However, on twitter, unlike on Instagram, she tweets back to her fans a lot. A lot of different people and companies tweet about Demi and complement her performances and she usually thanks them. This is different than Instagram because she never replies to her fans on there.

Demi also uses Snapchat and posts her name on Instagram and Twitter encouraging her fans to follow her on there and she posts a lot of stories every day, but they are usually always comical or about her dog. I feel she does this to show her fans that she is human just like the rest of us. She shows her real self.

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