the Best Online Community Ever
Ted Rheingold

I’m so sorry that something that should have brought you joy has brought you pain. I am so glad that people are now recognizing what you did by creating these amazing communities.

I joined Catster in 2005, Dogster in 2007. I’ve been a proud “plus” member for nearly 4000 days.I would love to be able to make it to 10,000.

I didn’t move to FB (although I have posted there in the past few days because I fear losing contact with our friends). I didn’t join in protests. What I loved about the sites was that you could post stories about your pets. Happy, sad, silly, new pet joys, losing a pet sorrows. It was safe. None of the internet ugliness.

I had to leave my home when my mum had a stroke to care for her. I didn’t have my computer for a while. When I got back on, I couldn’t believe it. Cats I had known for years were not there. People kept saying they moved to FB. It made no sense. I can’t make a page for my babies on FB. Meet new cats, read their stories in a succinct, well laid out format like Catster. It is exhausting just trying to match up the people with cats now that I have tried. Nope. Catster remains the best site. I still don’t understand.

I have had a difficult few years. I have lost 2 of my Catsters in the past two years, Orange Man and Kristopher. I lost my mum. I nearly passed myself last August. I thought I had no tears left. I was wrong. Trying to copy and save all of the precious memories has reminded me of babies I lost in years past. Kind messages received have brought the feelings back like it was yesterday. The joy of rescuing the 4 Little Kittens all there on their pages.

I hadn’t been to Catster as much recently because it was so sad to see how many were no longer there and days were sad already, but I always believed people would realize how incredible it was and return. The thought of clicking on my page links and seeing the message that nothing is found breaks my heart.

You did a good thing and I hope you can be proud of it once again. You brought so many people together to share a common love. Few people do that. We keep hoping there will a last minute save. It doesn’t look good. I am still trying to save all of our memories that I can. I wish you all the best and thank you for the gift of Catster and Dogster.

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