The Power of (Digital) Drawing at Work

The true power of drawing is in the process, not the outcome

The back story.

In many businesses today, all contributors are encouraged to think and work like designers.
In cross-functional teams, where everyone brings their own understanding of the problem and uses their own technical jargon, drawing and visual language help cut through communication barriers and misunderstandings.

To the present day.

Wireframes and sketch concepts for data visualization projects, created using Paper
Paper makes it easy to draw and maneuver basic shapes
Images from the rapid ideation exercises in our workshop

If you build a polished prototype others will see flaws. If you build a rough prototype, they will see potential.
-Baba Shiv, The Art of the Imperfect Pitch

If you show someone a drawing of your idea they will be more inclined help you improve it.

What’s Next

We are excited to see if more people embrace digital drawing in the coming years



Design. Drawing. Data. Digital. DC -> SF. Visual everything. *Not* a perfectionist.

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