The Lesson of The Women’s March

Since the Inauguration, I have been overwhelmed, driven into alternating states of rage and depression. I have been deeply unsettled — but since last weekend, I have also begun to understand that we are already on the right path. I am still depressed, still in shock — but I am beginning to internalize the lesson of The Women’s March.

All week, I have read in disbelief the torrent of abhorrent executive edicts, the grotesque gushing of this sick man’s mind. I believe that he wants to inflict maximum mental damage on those of us who ridicule and reject him, in the classic pattern of a pathological narcissist. I actually think that is his main reflexive objective, to “get even” with his “enemies.”

But he is also spewing out an alarming agenda that seems designed to destroy everything We value. This is the “shock and awe” phase of his war on America. It’s disorienting, frightening, nauseating madness.

There is reason to feel queasy, to experience that panic of “fight or flight,” the stunned response of the sucker-punched. I have felt unsure, powerless, confused, afraid.

But last Saturday sent a message, not just to the megalomaniac fouling the air of the Oval Office, but to us. It showed us the way. It was miraculous, on the man’s first day in office, millions of people protesting around the world — but not a single incidence of violence, not one arrest. No clashes with police, no destruction, no casualties. In other words, we are ALREADY doing EXACTLY what works best when dealing with a petulant child-bully: responding rationally, as responsible adults, firmly but non-violently saying NO. This infuriates him (as his own staff have told reporters). It has in it the stifling power of The Mother, and the ancient wisdom of Tai Chi, using his own aggression against him, without giving him the red-faced screaming result that he hopes for.

I am still in shock, still depressed, still unsure of exactly what should be the next steps. But a week ago, as if marching in step with the spirit of the time, with the Zeitgeist, women showed the way. We just need to keep it up, relentlessly resisting, in greater and greater numbers, turning his insane rage back on itself, until the vain Übermensch self-destructs.

Let the Meltdown Begin.

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