Summertime sadness

I’m sitting in my apartment. It’s just after sunset, when there’s still light outside but everything is painted in blue. My window is open and somewhere nearby someone is playing a guitar. He or she is not doing a very good job of it, but for now I don’t mind.

Today marks the second day with unbelievably hot weather in Sweden. The temperature has risen to beyond 30 degrees Celsius when a couple of days ago it was only half of that. Considering we’ve moved past midsummer and into July I’d say it’s about damn time it got hot.

Do you know what else is about damn time? Just hanging out downtown with no agenda or time schedule. Just standing around and enjoying the city life. Feel the pulse of the city. Eat some ice cream. But that is, of course, the romantic side of me speaking.

The practical side of me says I haven’t gone people watching because it’s a huge waste of time standing around loitering when I could do something else, something productive. And what do I expect is going to happen? I know every nook and cranny around here, there’s nothing to be surprised about.

I guess it’s something you grow out of.

Like an old pair of shoes the city has lost its splendor.

But during summer a new light shines upon it. It’s easy to fall in love with the city all over again. Surrounded by glistening water and people in all ages enjoying the weather in all their remarkable ways.

I miss the times I could just sit at the pier and share my goals and dreams with my friends. I wish I could contemplate life with some strangers. I wish I could exchange numbers with that cute girl sitting over there. I wish I coul-

God damnit, I just burnt my cinnamon buns in the oven.

Someone should tell that guitarist to stop playing, it’s almost midnight.

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