Welcome to CBIG! An Innovative Web Portal That Connects Business Owners and Entrepreneurs With Financial Incentives

By State Treasurer John Chiang

From Hewlett Packard and Intel to Apple and Google, California long has led the country in creating a modern tech economy.

The pioneers of Silicon Valley put California at the forefront of innovation that strengthens our nation’s communities, grows jobs and makes lives better.

And yet, despite California’s global technology leadership, our state government has fallen “embarrassingly behind” in providing citizens with excellent experiences when they interact with government.

The Little Hoover Commission, in a 2015 letter to Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature, wrote:

“Californians demand and deserve high-quality service. As home to Silicon Valley, California is synonymous worldwide with innovation. California companies have set the gold standard for customer service. But why when Californians interact with their government, is their experience so much different?”

Taking the commission’s report to heart, my office made it our mission to better inform businesses, especially small business, about a host of helpful local and state government incentives to finance growth and expansion.

Every year, millions of dollars in incentives are left on the table because small businesses don’t know they exist.

I am happy to say that those days are over.

On January 11, I officially unveiled the California Business Incentives Gateway, or CBIG for short.

CBIG is an application that will dramatically change the landscape of economic development by accomplishing two important goals to aid and promote our state’s immeasurably important small business community.

First, local governments now have a marketplace made expressly for them to showcase and advertise their incentives.

Cash-strapped cities and counties no longer need to spend thousands, or even millions, promoting their opportunities and incentives. Everything can be posted on CBIG, saving businesses valuable time and money.

For the past year, many local governments have already taken advantage of CBIG to advertise millions of dollars of incentives that are just waiting to be used to start or expand businesses.

We made it easy and inexpensive for small businesses to quickly locate incentives on CBIG. This is a great boon for companies that lack the staff or money to mount a random locality-by-locality search. Now a business owner, CEO or advisor can easily search CBIG’s website to learn about incentives. They can even apply for them directly online.

We encourage all businesses — from mom-and-pop stores to Fortune 500 companies — to take a test drive and help spread the word about this new economic development opportunity.

Now is the time to offer your feedback. We want to hear from business owners about how we can make CBIG even better during a 2.0 process that will add new features and improved functionality to CBIG. Help us by checking out CBIG and then contacting us with any questions, suggestion or feedback.

Our goal is that businesses using CBIG will easily find many new economic opportunities to prosper and create great jobs in our amazing California communities.