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A week ago today, this super sweet human asked me to be her boo — and I said yes! Ahhhh 😍

Leroy approves! Help 😂😂😂

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Me, skinny dipping in a natural waterfall pool in Australia. YOLO!

Floating on my back naked under a natural waterfall during a tropical rain storm in December was a truly magical experience.

In the crappiest weather ever, Jolene picked me up in her van and whisked me off to explore the Australian rainforest — for the most unforgettable hike of my life 🙌🏽

This was definitely the highlight of my short, Australian vacation.

It is such a small world! We matched on Tinder and after we followed each other on Instagram, I saw that my IRL crush has an Instagram crush on Jolene! We talked about it a little on our date — that was fun.

I was ill-prepared for the rainforest. She had given me just 20 minutes to get ready. I had no rain gear. I forgot to bring a towel. I had on white high top shoes. …

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I’ve been on ‘go’ mode since I got back… New job is awesome! (3 days in). Australia was a blast, and I’m looking into going to Indonesia to dive the Komodo Islands … (tentative.)

Overheard at my work holiday party:

Q: “What name is ‘Mal’ short for?”

A: “Malware!”


(Actually, it’s short for Malvin.)

Mal Warwick, sitting just at the next table from me, gave a little chuckle.

Folks have a good sense of humor at my new office. Yay, so far so good. It’s been a lot of learning and training and practicing. …


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