What a trip!

I’ve been on ‘go’ mode since I got back… New job is awesome! (3 days in). Australia was a blast, and I’m looking into going to Indonesia to dive the Komodo Islands … (tentative.)

Overheard at my work holiday party:

Q: “What name is ‘Mal’ short for?”
A: “Malware!”


(Actually, it’s short for Malvin.)

Mal Warwick, sitting just at the next table from me, gave a little chuckle.

Folks have a good sense of humor at my new office. Yay, so far so good. It’s been a lot of learning and training and practicing. The holiday party yesterday was amazing and located onsite so I was able to meet my work goals for the day and not have to work over the weekend. Pretty exciting.

Already planning my next escape. I have to make it epic, because it will take me a while to earn more time off. They are advancing me the time off, that’s a relief.

I didn’t even have to lie about my fake BFF’s fake wedding in Bali to get it 😏

Komodo Islands or bust!

In Australia, I booked myself in an overnight reef diving excursion that turned out to be a bit of a disappointment (dives were canceled, low visibility—down to 5m, rocky boat, bad weather, terrible food, instant coffee, tiny beds…) Basically, it was glamping in the worst possible location.

So now I’m wanting a do-over, like, I want to do a night dive. And I want to be able to see the fish and underwater landscape in clear, tropical water. Is it so much to ask? A little sun and beach and warm weather 😍🌴

Low visibility, Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

In Australia I bumped into Cyclone Owen and the torrential downpour really messed with the diving portion of my trip.

But on the boat, I met this girl named Karina (weird, right?) and she’s really cool, and a diver, and down to travel to Indonesia to dive with me!

So wish me luck. If you’ve been following me for a minute you know I can make it happen 💪🏽

Currently looking at February 2019 — this is definitely my YOLO tour. Ayeee! 🙌🏽

Look at my Instagram story highlights if you wanna see about my new job at MWD and my trip to Oz! @catrinachaos 👀✈️💦🌴🐠

P.S. Although I miss my old job, it feels great to be part of the ACLU Alumni club! Just saying

My desk on day 1 at MWD! (Wed, Dec. 5, 2018)