If anything, I’m a victim of my own low self esteem issues, which is how I let someone as horrible as him into my life in the first place — I felt undeserving of anything better than what he could provide. But I’m taking responsibility for my self esteem, along with taking responsibility for a lot of other things — if anything, this was a hard lesson, but one that I absolutely needed to learn.
You’re a bit broken
Tracy Reading


You are not alone. I’m in the process of rebuilding from leaving everything behind January 8th. Like you, I finally had enough of my psychologically/emotionally abusive ex’s tactics (almost identical to what you dealt with,).

Great job speaking out on this form of abuse.

It is invisible to others, and it’s hard to explain the effects unless you have experienced it. Society needs to open their eyes and educate their children on the red flags so there are less opportunities for these damaged people to suck the energy and life force out of others (the only way they can survive).

Stay strong, sister. Thanks for the reminder that we are survivors…not victims.

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