Right Way to Wear Cats Eye Gemstone


Cat’s eye, popularly known as lehsunia, is a radiant gemstone, which is associated with the shadow planet Ketu. The green colored Cats Eye gemstone is an aluminate of beryllium and replicates the brilliance of the eyes of a cat, thus getting its name. By wearing a Cat’s Eye stone, the native can overcome the problems caused by inauspicious Ketu.

List of Rituals

1. The minimum weight of Cats Eye stone should be 3 ratti. A heavier stone enhances its positive effects. The stone should be studded in a ring made of gold or silver. It should be mounted on the ring in such a manner that it touches the skin of the wearer, so that it is able to transmit the energies of the planet Ketu in the body of the wearer. The wearer can also use a Cat’s Eye locket or bracelet, besides a ring.

2. The most auspicious days for purchasing as well as wearing a Cat’s Eye stone ring are Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. The best time for wearing this stone is two hours after sunset. The ring should be worn in either the middle finger or little finger of the right hand.

3. It is very important to energize and purify the Cats Eye stone before wearing it. For this purpose, you should immerse it in raw milk and wash it with Ganga jal before wearing it.

4. After purifying the ring, the native must chant the following mantra 108 times, in order to appease the planet Ketu. The mantra of Ketu is as follows: — Aum Kem Ketave Namah

5. After the Cats Eye ring has been worn by the native, he should donate items related with Ketu planet. These include sand colored cloth and items made of iron metal. Feeding bread to a goat also enhances the effect of the scintillating gemstone Cats Eye.

Some other things must be taken care of, besides these rituals. Before wearing this gemstone, one needs to consult an astrologer to learn more about all the correct rituals to be followed. Additionally, the astrologer will study the horoscope of the native and check whether wearing a bright Cats Eye stone will be auspicious for him or not. Also, while procuring a Cat’s Eye gemstone, try to pick a flawless, untreated and good quality cats eye gemstone for maximum astrological benefits.


Ketu is a powerful astrological planet, whose ill placement can bring a great deal of problems for the native. These ill effects can be combated by wearing a gemstone called Cars Eye. Saturday is the most auspicious day for wearing this gemstone. It should be studded in a gold ring, which should be worn after sunset. The wearer must first energize the stone by washing with raw milk and Ganga jal and worn after chanting the mantra of Ketu 108 times.

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