Why cat eye gemstone is considered being most controversial precious gemstone ?

Cat eye gemstone is a chrysoberyl gemstone. It is an opaque gemstone that possesses a distinct appearance when it is compared with the other precious stones. Cat eyes are considered being one of the most controversial gemstone because of its appearance and astrological benefits which it claims to offer its wearer. The reason for addressing this stone as the most controversial gemstone is because of this stone is being ruled by vengeful planet Ketu. Ketu the substantial planet signifies prosperity, instant wealth, happiness, luck and fortune. However, different scholars have different views about ketu some of them describe it as planet; on the other hand, few people classify it as shadow planet’. By the word ‘shadow planet’ we mean that shadow planet does not have physical presence nevertheless; it holds the astrological powers that can prove fruitful for its wearer in many ways.

Besides this, the other reason which fumes the discussion of why this stone is considered being most controversial stone is its distinct appearance which raises question in the mind of a person whether they should wear cat eye stone jewelry. Since, ketu is a powerful planet that if it does not suit an individual has capability to emanate the destructive forces in human life. Hence, before buying this stone a person is left dubious whether he/she should wear it for appearance purpose. Considering the astrologers perception one should not wear this stone without seeking advice of an astrologer. Therefore, if you want to wear this stone you should seek permission an experience astrologer.

The striking and unique color of lehsuniya stone or cat eyes often stimulates the curiosity of a gem lover. Unlike other gemstones which have identical appearance; this gemstone has unusual appearance. The striking line which divide this stone equally from middle make it different and unusual. Often it becomes cumbersome task to find a online gemstone which provide quality cat eye stone with proper assistance and guidelines to adopt it. However, in this article we are going to provide you the list of authentic gemstone dealers who sell only certified lehsuniya or cat’s eye gemstones.