Nightlight #16

Nightlight 06.16.17 Copyright Catherine Slye

Nightlight 06.16.17 — #16/50 overnight stays. More at

If I could talk only in pictures I would. I’m more than a quarter, but not yet halfway through this project and I still stumble when I try to explain it to brand new people whom I’ve never met.

It’s easier to whip out my phone and show images — Look here, see? This is the what & why I am creating. Internet connectivity over my phone seems like a no-brainer, right. Until you go to Bisbee, AZ and get the spinning wheel of death on your device too.

I really need to commit this to memory, verbatim:

Nightlight is a long-term, long exposure, self-portrait series. Each photo is made pre-dawn, upon waking in a hosts’ guest bedroom. The series is about #solitude and the concept of #wabisabi, there is beauty everywhere. It’s also rather #somber, #blue, both in color and mood. About #liminality — the threshold period. The double exposures represent duality.

My goal; complete 50 overnight stays, produce ten final images (40" x 34" Digital C Prints), build two dioramas in 1:12 scale of two of the images from the final ten. Produce a solo show, 2018.

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