Nothing like a little #fail

Last night was to be Nightlight #22, and tonight#23, then just a mere 17 after that. But. No.

Equipment failure is fixable. Like my new Mefoto Globetrotter tripod that failed last night. When I was setting it up the shortest portion of one of the legs pulled completely out in my hand and two rectangular pieces of plastic came out of the open end and landed on the floor.

Huh. Who knew? That inside the tripod legs is plastic? The plastic bits must be some kind of inner catch system? I stuffed them and then the leg back inside, screwed it tight and moved on. Annoying, yes. Frustrating, yup.

Because tripods are one of these things on this planet where you can spend a small to reasonable amount of money and get a piece of crap. You can double that small amount to a reasonable amount of money — say to $150 and still get a piece of crap. Double that amount and maybe you’re looking at something of moderate value. Why tripod industry, why?

But, all fixable. Spend more $$, make repairs, return it, make do, etc.

Personal fail? Ugh. The ultimate lesson in acceptance.

I overslept. I missed my alarm. I missed my opportunity to shoot Nightlight #22. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of personal failure on a personal project. A trifecta of being overtired + a new phone with a new alarm +being overtired. Oh wait. Right. Alarm set, but no sound? Really? So dumb.

But that’s part of this project — self-acceptance. All of it. The #fails and the #successes and how best do I recover? Yea. Moving on.