Number Ten

Ten in, 40 more to go. Why 10? It’s easy-peasy math. For every ten sessions or sets of images I find I have two solid photos that I feel are *it* — two images that are what I’m trying to achieve and will make up the set of ten in a show.

The other night a friend and I were talking about this project, the pieces of it and how I wanted to expand on the idea, expand on the output of the series — not simply more photographs, but additional pieces that would support and supplement the series. The original vision is growing —I see a diorama (A diorama. Who doesn’t love a diorama?! Gah!) of a room, the writing and painted paper panels with the ten digital C prints. Perhaps the writing/journaling is auditory as well as on paper. What if there was a way to capture visitors sensations as well —or how would you create a VR ?

Nightlight 04.29.17 Copyright 2017 Catherine Slye

…the list of ideas goes on. How to tell this story, the process of why, what does it mean? Why am I doing this? I’m working through those questions — and the idea of questioning. The idea of my comfort zone — the sense of home. That saying — “wherever you go, there you are” How to be a part of something — a family, a community and yet maintain my solo-ness, my desire for solitude and quiet. Right now it’s all tumbled in my head. No answers.

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