Cats and Cat Foods in Singapore

Cats are known to be independent and self contained while dogs are considered to be friendly to the humans and grossly dependent on them. Only the people who have cats as their pets know how much cats love human association. How with your slightest adorable gestures the cat starts purring in joy. Cats that stays with us in our homes are highly sensitive towards their nutrition and the masters should know how and where to find them! We give here information regarding where to buy cats in Singapore and also about where to find food for them:

Cats in Singapore

There are many places in Singapore where cats can be bought. Each place has its own terms & conditions. But the most important consideration as a would-be cat owner is to ensure that the cats, which are on sale or adoption, are well treated, kept in hygienic conditions and have all the vaccination documents.

If you are breeding specific, you can buy your chosen breed from specialty breeders who are registered with Singapore Cat Club and Feline Fanciers Society. These registered breeders are ethical in the practices of breeding, have high breeding conformity standards and get their cats to perform in championship shows. You may also visit the homes to see the queen or mother cat as well as the stud father cat. It is possible that the father and the mother are of the same breed or they may also be from different breeds.

Many owners of cats advertise online for selling their cats. Before buying such cats you have to check the certificates of sterilization. It is important to meet the cat seller at the place where they stay with the cats. Going though the Cat Welfare Society, which is a public adoption platform is better as you may get genuine cats. And if you prefer online buying there are many Online Pet Stores based out of Singapore where you can buy your cat.

Another option available is — Pet farms. Pet farms are large establishments located in rural areas. These farms have two sections. In the front there is a Pet Shop and a large section hidden from view where the breeding, birthing and growing happens.

Keep in mind that in the pet stores the cats are sold for profit and hence you may not get at a cheap price. Adoption is a much better way, both in terms of money as well as being kind to the animals. While buying from pet shops, be sure to find the shop where they maintain ethical standards and clean ambience.

Cat Food in Singapore

You can buy good cat food at Johore Bahru, Ang Mo, Dog Farm at Pasir Ris, local Pet Shops in Singapore, Royal Canin Cat Food and various Online Pet Stores. Cats are called obligate carnivores. It means that cats draw most of their nutrients from the raw animals, which they hunt and eat. The special feature of the cat is that it consumes everything of the prey which includes muscles, brain, organs and the stomach along with the grass or the grains that the stomach contains. But when we pet them they may lose some of their immunity. Hence we have to take special precautions in their foods.

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