The climb

Nathan Sawaya, Singapore

Let’s talk about climbing
This ladder of success
Don’t you want more?
Who settles for less?

We live in a culture
Of restless progression,
Where the unquestioned aim
Is autopilot ascension

That moment of pride
That flash of capital
Balance immolated
For an image of “it all”

Serving an ego
That needs constant approval,
We throw away time
As if we were immortal

I don’t want to climb
For the sake of being high
Because the top is still 1% image
And 99% life

The greenest of grass
Still demands to be mowed
There are no lasting glamours
That rival passion and flow

Step into perspective
Stop blindly chasing
And once a while, survey
Where your ladder is leaning

Because what you don’t want to find
Is your ladder leaning,
At the end of it all,
Against the wrong building,
Having sacrificed a life
To a climb without meaning