Day 2 in Trump’s America
Sean O'Kane

You say “he works for us,” but I worry that that’s not true. People who marginalize others by aspersions and who exhibit profound narcissism are in it for themselves. This was painful to watch when recognizing how DJT manipulated the voting public. I suppose that my wanting some dignity and gravitas in “my” leader, has ended up making me feel like I’m an idiot for thinking the voters in this country would see through the blatant displays of really embarrassing behavior. Perhaps they did, but they didn’t care what caricature they put in the presidency as long as it wasn’t HRC. Do they really think the DJT administration will replace politics as usual? What we probably will see is tyrannical, self absorbed politics that benefits the Trump empire. And the DJT voters want Steve Bannon and the Trump kids to be the intellectual center of this administration. Trump wants his children to have top security clearance so he can discuss these world problems with political neophytes. I know I’m not the only one who is appalled, but what good will it do. American voters don’t mind handing their government over to untested outsiders to the political process. Good luck with that.

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