The beating of my heart

Echoes the strumming of a harmony.

The whisper of my breath

Is the shout of the melody

Everyday and every night is always the same.

Hour after hour,

Minute after minute,

The sounds of music strive on.

The intense sound of drums,

And the beautiful flow of words.

The sound of music.

Listen to the beat.

Listen to the way of the world,

As it crashes down around you.

Hear the wonderful tune.

Hear the chords

As it lifts you up out of the rubble.

Lay your head back

As it holds you up, gives you reason to live.

Gives you life.

Lay down and listen.

Hear the beating of my heart,

The whisper of my breath.

Listen as the sounds of music strive on.

Hear the intensity of the drums,

And the flow of words, so beautiful.

Touching my soul,

Shaping my heart.

Bringing the meaning of life.

Leaving its mark on the world.

Shattering silence,

Building strength.

Expressing love so pure,

Describing hatred so strong.

Listen as it takes you away.

Far away, to a whole new world,

A different dimension.

Listen to the lyrics, so meaningful.

Hear the beat, so crucial.

Life is nothing without music,

And music just words without life.

See the passion, burning bright.

Hear the meaning, deep and dark.

Feel the life, pulsing through the air.

Listen to the music, emanating around us.

Ever-present, ever-pounding.

Never stopping, never ending.

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