All These Black Characters and 0 Done Right — How Steven Universe Fails Its Black Fanbase, Part I.
Riley H

I’m white so OP doesn’t care, and that’s okay, I’m still gonna say this.

I see where he’s coming from. I will probably choose to ignore it and enjoy the show- albeit more critically- because I don’t want to lose what the show has given me. Guess I’m selfish for that… I don’t really have a reason to post here except to say that the part about Sardonyx really rings true to me, because although I lack education in racial topics, the “you’re so articulated” bit… it’s something I should have been aware of and so obvious that I can’t make any excuse for it. And the whole episode Know Your Fusion, which came out after this article was written, seems to confirm pretty much everything OP wrote about her(Sardonyx). I can’t claim to truly understand every aspect of this, or be educated enough on these topics to involve myself seriously in a debate, or even have the right to debate this- re:I’m white- but maybe this will give anyone reading this more to think about. Or not.

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