Here is why I left the world of startups and venture capital to invest in our youth and prepare ourselves to redefine the future of work. And why I believe career technical education is worth your investment, too.

After spending two and a half years with the privilege and pleasure of working with over 100 education technology entrepreneurs at Imagine K12, and then at Y Combinator, I decided to leave the Silicon Valley that everyone is bubbling with excitement about. My personal mission to improve the state of our nation’s education system during my time at Imagine K12 led me to learn more about the power of capital and technology to influence our education system. Often portrayed as outdated and slow-moving, the education system has made leaps and bounds in the last five years. Now, 1 in 5 public schools have a mobile technology device ratio of 1 device for 1 student and teachers are beginning to fully utilize the power of technology to redesign and transform learning. …

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These best practices listed need not be done in this order. In fact, throughout your job search you may need to go back, jump around, and repeat a few steps several times before you nail down what you should be applying for.

Read up on the latest education and edtech news. For more resources, see my previous post.

Reflect and narrow your interest to a segment of edtech. Specialization is the key to separate you from other candidates. Do you want to be working with customers in K-12? Higher education? Or does professional learning get you excited?

You can use product review platforms like EdSurge Index, EdShelf, or Graphite to help you hone your search. …

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Last updated January 2016

Here is a list of resources for edtech opportunities I’ve compiled over the years. I hope they will help you find the right job you’re looking for in our exciting industry.

My personal favorite edtech news sources:

  • EdSurge is the go-to news source for everything from new product releases to recaps at industry events
  • Hack Education by Audrey Watters is known for her annual, very high-level recaps on major trends in edtech
  • Getting Smart gives you a great perspective from educators and what challenges schools and districts are facing

Other edtech news sources to follow:


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