When your boss unfriends you on Facebook

It’s a little different from when a high school nobody does it.

You feel that maybe you have done something wrong, that maybe when you get to work, your desk might not be there or maybe some new girl will be typing away at your keyboard.

Then you get to work and ask your coworkers, “Do you know what happened? Can you see if there is a nasty post written about you?” Did he seem pissed off before he left? Was I too mean when I told him to please stop commenting about my looks/hair/dress?

Days pass and the unfriending gets pushed to the back of your mind. You go on about your day, minus seeing your boss’s cringe-worthy Facebook posts which means maybe you can ease up on the fancy wrinkle cream you bought yourself.

But then it happens.

Your boss mentions Facebook.

You are furious.

How fucking dare he mention Facebook in your presence. Telling his stupid half true stories about his nanny and her posting stupid fucking Facebook photos.

You are fuming and it is very obvious. You are trying to play it cool but you can’t. You grit your teeth and avert your eyes before you say or do something that will cost you your job. He can tell you are mad, can he? Do you have a good poker face to get through this? Should you confront him about where he has been on Facebook? Do you want to be Facebook friends with him again?

The moment finally passes and he is off to another meeting and you are back to scrolling through Facebook.