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A few years ago, I was broke and frustrated. At the time I enrolled in coding bootcamp, I was crashing in my brother’s basement bedroom in the frozen Midwest, the depressing tableau complete with a mattress on the floor, and an overturned box for a nightstand.

Exactly two years to the day after graduating coding bootcamp, I was on a rooftop in San Francisco, looking out in awe at the glittering skyline, surrounded by tech people talking about synthesizers and science fiction. …

I never liked cats, really. I was a dog-only person until I met Claude the Street Cat. Claude transformed me from a person who was irritable over every little thing, to someone who is voluntarily co-living to share the joy of community. He taught me some pretty big lessons about love.

Claude was a foster cat. He was supposed to be a foster dog, but my leasing company wouldn’t allow it. But I was living alone for the first time, and living alone is hard. I decided I’d give living with a cat a chance.

Before getting my own place…

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

I have been a messy person for my entire life. In elementary school, teachers were shocked when they saw me open my locker and face a tidal wave of loose papers. In high school, my car and my bedroom became war zones. When I went to college, I tried to contain my messiness while living with roommates. It felt like trying to restrain an overstuffed suitcase from popping — but it always eventually did, and clothes, personal items, bags, and shoes ended up strewn across the living space. …

Cat Yanish

Writer, former educator, currently working in Ed Tech. I think about self improvement, mental health, relationships, and how to make a better future. She/Her.

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