Establishment? Liberal? Progressive?, no just a Democrat.

I read Facebook and blog posts from the Enlightened and Literate Caucus members of the self-described Progressive wing of the Iowa Democratic Party. Okay, so they aren’t really called the Enlightened and Literate Caucus. But, they are over bloviating self-identified Progressives who caucused for Bernie Sanders. Still today, many are pissed because they know BS certainly would have won, only not for the reason they might believe.

Traditional, establishment Democrtats would have voted for Bernie. If for no other reason, because he would have carried our banner. It’s what we do, but we would have also held him accountable. Instead, right here in Polk County, Bernie supporters wrote in the good Senator’s name on general election absentee ballots while at the same time, voting for nobody else.

I guess that part of the ticket was missing.

So here we are, early April and looking ahead to 2018. Once again, the self-rightous Progressives are focusing on a slash and Bern approach to the Democratic Party.

I don’t care if you call me establishment. I don’t care if you call me a Liberal. Just don’t call me Progressive, becuase I’m far too evolved for that nonsense.

Just call me a Democrat.