I can empathize with Rick in many ways.
Chad Bailey

I was at a company with a Rick. I liked him. He was great. But- we were a 16 year old startup. He was also the CTO’s best friend, had the whole company stymied to the point where he would generate new feature requests that were empty because, “he knew what they were supposed to be,” and business? Business was hardly qualified to actually make requests or create requirements about a project. I was the company’s sole QA, which was a sad and funny joke. Yes, the problem is management that won’t manage effectively, and lets themselves be cowed by a “strong” personality. But it is also the fault of the “strong” jerk who thinks this behavior and attitude is acceptable in the first place, and forgets that they are not the only sane, smart person in the universe. This is not school, and it’s not a manager’s job to manage a grown-up’s social development and awareness.