caue rego
caue rego
Sep 4 · 1 min read

making money with open source?

actually i was hoping it would be about the new GitHub sponsors… but sadly you never really got to it! i’d love to hear such a story which is also this good to read. 😁

as much as i agree with the general feeling here, and i love money and i’m even trying to love capitalism, i don’t believe this tells the whole story. there must be a way to make it work differently. with more freedom, less fear of security and, in practice, fully open source and free to the brave. even for sizzy. even today.

in any case, you’re completely right. oss ain’t easy. there’s too much that needs to be done to maintain it in a useful magnet for anyone else. i know…

that’s not the only way to open the source, though. if enough people just do it the easy and dirty way (without bothering about other people or spending any extra time or energy), eventually some projects will be picked up from dust. and we’ll learn how to do it for more and more. so, keep the faith, please!

    caue rego

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    caue rego

    cregox here. a nynphormartisct who enjoys to summarize unasked big questions, even if they look quite small to most and we don’t really know any answer. :)

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