Interviewers usually end an interview with, “Do you have any question regarding the role, the company, or anything else?” An interview is a two-way street, and you need to know as much about the company as they need to know you
Things you should never say when interviewing for a developer role
Isabel Nyo

couldn’t agree more. for any kind of interview, for that matter (not just devs)! here’s an idea, though… how about telling them the following?

  • nope, no questions for now. i’ve already asked all my questions earlier on as you probably remember, following ones your website didn’t answer. i know your company would be a perfect fit right now for me because of this and that, and i truly hope we can begin our trial soon!

indeed, i get that dreadful question all the time. and i truly never have a question in the end. for one, i ask them in the beginning, when i do have them, and during the interview. but also because i always do my homework and companies do have their profile available, sometimes along with reviews and glassdoor info, etc, which already answers all questions i could have!

admittedly, just now (thanks to reading this) i’ve got the idea on the top there. and i never before tried to prepare for this question, which probably was a very negative point in all my latest interviews (none for a dev role), despite all my efforts to show that i did care (man, i hate these “dating” games!). i’d answer stupid things like “i’ve got many questions, but i rather jump in and simply challenge ourselves daily” or something.

well, thanks for writing it, Isabel! ;)