Why is it so hard to find a good front end developer?
Ilias Ismanalijev

Well, let me give you my personal story as a very related anecdote, while I also fill in my “job application” for you…

I’m a fucking awesome progammer* and I have being doing some great Front End development this whole year, since December 2014. And I find it way harder to find a good job. I’m saying this as someone who knows many great developers, and who could easily find you one, if you’re willing to pay.

Less than 1 month ago I was hired for a freelancing as a full stack to build a snappy mobile app for payment processing, in Titanium. I’m good with javascript and jQuery from my previous experience as a Squarespace Specialist (yes, squarespace is far superior than wordpress, by the way), but I had no knowledge of many other js frameworks, just some of node and angular. I told them I’d need to research about it. I took a day in work to do it

Obviously found about PhoneGap (which they’ve dismissed before I even studied it) and Meteor, Ionic and Meteoric. Ended up giving up to their choice with Titanium, thanks to another dev highly advising them to go with it due to his experience there. Well, 1 week later it was doing all terrible things you might expect it to do, if you know it. It’s a terrible platform. I convinced them of that, done some more research, proved that PhoneGap was superior, and they ditched me in favor of 2 other devs, one for native Android, another one for native iOS. No questions asked.

Less than 1 week later I found about React JS — looks like that would actually be the best choice by far, but now I won’t ever know. Or care anymore.

They also immediately hired me for another gig, though. And, once again, I’ve made awesome front end development there, including implementing BDD on wordpress and using it on docker with tutum. Too bad the client became nuts and I had to abandon the project because they were stressing out too much over too little payment. Yes, I’m still struggling finding a job, as I’ve said on the first paragraph.

Why is it so hard to find a job? Well, for one, because it sure is hard for a company to channel in money from one place to another. The world is a mess, too much miss information, too much crap being done, too many people trying to fool the others and gain something out of nothing, and so on. Governments don’t make easy for whoever wants to start a company. And people, in general, are mostly dumbed and numbed down.

Anyway, I’ve already also kinda admitted I’m not the best developer there is, at all. There are thousands better out there. At the other hand, programming, despite being what I’ve done the most professionally over the past 20 years, is not my drive passion. And it’s not my current focus as well. I’m not an Ai and basiux advocate. And an artist. And I can be your freaking front end progammer* if you want — especially if it’s working with Machine Learning and Neural Networks. ;P