what is a nynphormartisct?

informaticist + artist + a bit of philosophy + some amount of nympho + nonsense.

it’s my own one man religion. reconnection. to the whole and to myself.

huh? and, wait, why am i writing all in lowercase?

it’s #locaws and it doesn’t really matter. just read the link or go with it.

now since i’ve opened this spin off question, let me say i also updated my old bio from:

hi, I’m cregox, or cr’s open sourced artificial mind, still not connected to the cloud thus living in a meat sack — http://basiux.org :)

to its current format:

cregox here. a nynphormartisct who enjoys to summarize unasked big questions, even if they look quite small to most and we don’t really know any answer. :)

which is yet another offtopic bit, big question spin off, but hopefully clears up some more on why i’m writing this post now. i’m going through changes, i haven’t wrote anything in a long while and i do feel the need to update myself in this fashion — posting online, in public. even if practically nobody reacts.

big question?

if it’s big enough for someone to ask, it is big right there and then, for at least one person. that person happened to reason and elaborate a powerful trigger to generate some movement. even to whom is used to create, it’s more often than not a non trivial event in most “people universes”, regardless of how big that universe is. and what if that one person happens to be you, does it need to get any bigger? not to me.

on yet another side note, one day i shall digress about what universe means to me, and why i think a better word for our common universe would be “oniverse”. but, in my usage above, “people universe” simply means the reach of conscious and unconscious knowledge of each one.

okay, okay… how about the first question?

yeah i know, right? “artist” is very broad, “a bit of philosophy” is also not specific enough and don’t even start me on nympho or that local guide video!

here’s the thing… this post is a TK (draft) and it will be updated soon. perhaps even often.

however, i should only be writing more professional posts, which resonates for people other than me. i started this post with this wish. i guess this is my way of saying that’s precisely what will come next. be it in a new post or editing this one. and this is also why this won’t be in the cregox collection just yet.

so this i hope this works, for now, as simply a very brief introduction.

please wait for it. literally. or creatively google for it.

i feel like this beautiful bit cloudy end of day nicely represents this post. there’s a panoramic view here, if you liked this lisbon sunset peek.