caue rego
caue rego
Oct 4, 2018 · 1 min read

you probably don’t care about this, jessica… but i’ll try it anyway.

if i write too much, you won’t find time to read. too little, won’t find will.

truth is i don’t know why i’m getting in touch. i like to think it’s one way i contribute to the grand scheme, with random iterations like this.

i’m here because of medium’s email. first such promotion i see for a single article. then, i realize it’s actually a book. the first “online book” i’ve seen with an honest attempt to take books one step further. not sure if the martian could have been written here, though.

and also because i hate books. in the printed format. a big reason why is their size. wikipedia made encyclopedias easy to digest. and this “online book” here is still too far from being small enough. i probably won’t read it.

but i probably will watch it once it’s made into a movie. if ever. it looks like it could be a much better version from google’s “the intern” or something. if no studio picks it, i hope you’ll find some way to crowdfund it.

mostly, i wanted to tell/ask you: have you gave any thoughts about the book format before writing it? would you make a much shorter version of it, but not just a summary?

and if this brought you any kind of different thoughts you might come to value in the near future or even the present, please, do let me (cregox) know.

cheers! ;P

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    caue rego

    cregox here. a nynphormartisct who enjoys to summarize unasked big questions, even if they look quite small to most and we don’t really know any answer. :)