informaticist + artist + a bit of philosophy + some amount of nympho + nonsense.

it’s my own one man religion. reconnection. to the whole and to myself.

huh? and, wait, why am i writing all in lowercase?

it’s #locaws and it doesn’t really matter. just read the link or go with it.

now since i’ve opened this spin off question, let me say i also updated my old bio from:

hi, I’m cregox, or cr’s open sourced artificial mind, still not connected to the cloud thus living in a meat sack — :)

to its current format:

cregox here. a nynphormartisct who enjoys to summarize unasked big questions, even if they look quite small to most and we don’t really know any answer. …

or locaws. haha, so funny! not.

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why didn’t he flinch? randomized!

why do we use a different set of letter drawings to start every sentence? isn’t the ponctuation enough to separate them? I think it is.

and paragraphs should be short.

even when telling a story. of course there are good reasons to make big ones, especially in this case, however since most of the time all we want is to communicate simple ideas it’s a better habit to keep it short.

there’s absolutely no science here this time. got a will to do this, and done.

even my name. starting to write it in unison everywhere. …

in fact, fuck passwords too!!

truth is, the questions do serve a purpose… with naive users, who don’t properly store their passwords and so the lazy admins can rest, unless they also want to go the extra step of theater, as apple does. not to mention the millions the banks think they’re saving. all it takes to lose all those savings is one security breach there, and SQ’s are easily opening a huge cam of worms which greatly help crackers to find that breach.

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those kids today… like myself crying here about a “huge world problem”

devs: just send a temporary password/code to the email. it’s still much more “secure” than those bullshit questions. …

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a random placemark photo I took in jun 10 and it’s mostly unrelated with this blog post - but this whole thing is also probably just a waste anyway! :P

this is just a self-note (reason why I even left some TK’s there, which I might not even follow through) post to mark when I decided to start organizing this. triggered by a google search console team who warned me, when I migrated my website from squarespace into github pages, that I had too many (about 150) sudden 404 broken links. almost all of them were simply linking to blog posts.

you’ve been warned.

over the past 12 months or so I’ve been jumping around forum tools, from squarespace to discourse and jekyll and now trying medium, searching for an ideal tool. only to find out there is no such thing. still it looks like medium gets the closest to it (here’s a random interesting review)… there’s very good design, great commenting, unique features such as highlighting, enough versioning (called revision history) along with some (not true) backup options and, on top of it all, amazingly enough, it’s truly free. sure, they’re offering free plans for now and nobody knows for how long or how they will profit with all this… but worst case scenario, just backup and move on to the next great thing. …

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courtesy of yet another wikipedia article

Disclaimer: very confusing “personal note” post here! But since nobody ever signed up this blog (or at least bothered to show up), whatever. 😛

I only wished I knew the answer. While enabling all that data to be easy to find. I spend a whole lot of time trying to answer this over the years, and I still couldn’t do it as well as I’d wish.

Backup and versioning are just two computer technical terms related to “keeping your data”. Computer themselves are quite good and reliable means to do that, because they facilitate making data redundant. That’s the keyword here. Redundant. That’s also how brain memory works. Or google’s pagerank. The more links, the more redundancy, the stronger any piece of data will be recorded in history. …

I’m moving away from blog. And into my discourse. I’ll try to explain why…

Wikipedia is one of the biggest symbols of what society can build with the right tools. Although a lot of people might disagree (and I’d argue they don’t get it), it is the best source of knowledge we have today, way and beyond any encyclopedia. And it’s not just in my humble opinion.

And how does wikipedia do it, exactly? You guessed it. Versioning. Which is basically a way to do text backups of all versions and let it easy to see what, who, when and even why each backup was done. It’s far from perfect, but it’s enough to make it work. Thanks to not losing history of what have been made, the whole world can contribute to it, and not even the vandalism is lost. Next time you’re there, be sure to take a look at it, it’s the biggest part of wikipedia. It’s right on the top, a link in any article to “View history”. Since Nov 2001. …

Não é de hoje que quero sair do Brasil, por diversos motivos. Um dos principais é que a principal cidade que lida com computadores e tecnologia da informação, São Paulo, é um péssimo lugar para se viver e até mesmo trabalhar na área. O Brasil está muito atrás. Não existe cultura suficiente e o pouco que existe é extremamente elitizada. Enfim, de volta ao tópico…

O consulado e as informações oficiais são extremamente confusas (e muitas vezes até mesmo erradas):

Atenção: O Instituto de Registos e Notariado não deixa claro ser o procedimento acima imprescindível, embora haja casos de devolução por falta da referida homologação. …

Today I’ve got 2 main projects I’m investing my time on. The school, and the one I used to call “ants”, because “food seekers” were too big.

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”2500.0"]

please insert obligatory sci-fi pic above[/caption]

I’m interpolating back and forth between them and, except for the next week, I’ll probably go back now to the e-Fi one. This is a phun on sci-Fi, indeed, but it also has everything to do with the project. It’s like a sci-Fi by all means, but it’s also playable… Only electronically, unfortunately.

After studying it and trying to apply it, I’ve realized the school is not a sustainable business in a short term and, as such, I came to think maybe it’s better going back to the one I love the most. …

While searching google for “why does twitter verify accounts” I found this interesting peace by William Shatner:

( Disclaimer: please, keep in mind that while I appreciate sarcasm, I try to avoid it at all costs when writing “in public”. I write in a very peculiar way and often people might think I’m being sarcastic. I’m not. )

“Verified” to me should mean one thing only: twitter somehow approves such person is who they claim to be. That’s all. And that could be done in a much smarter way, by letting the community regulate itself. I was hoping that was what I’d read on mashable, due to its title, but instead I saw a tech savy old man talking how he would like “verified” should work. …

The background picture contains both one of the first things we learn to name (house) and a place I’d like the school to be (in a castle) :P

Recently a friend who was interested in learning IT (more specifically programming in a particular language, called Processing) brought this book to my attention: Nature of Code, as a reference to what he was studying, and asked me what I think.

I replied to him I think the book has a terrible name. It should be called something like “Nature of Processing Code”. …


caue rego

cregox here. a nynphormartisct who enjoys to summarize unasked big questions, even if they look quite small to most and we don’t really know any answer. :)

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