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I gave a talk the other day at Python meetup in Stockholm with the same title. I wanted to also put it online as a post in case anybody is interested in using Rust from Python. (If you fancy watching a video instead, scroll to the bottom).

I like working with Python. I have been working with it for a few years building web-applications. It is an expressive language, there are libraries for almost everything I need, it is quick to try out ideas or to build features and I feel productive.

However, for critical paths in applications, Python is not a great fit. These paths could be parts of code which are executed very often or which need to be as quick as possible. For example, Jinja2 is a very popular templating library in Python. In turn, Jinja2 depends on MarkupSafe. In order to make escaping strings as fast as possible, the functionality is implemented in C. …


Pradip Caulagi

Backend engineer interested in distributed systems and programming languages —

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