Despite Vue’s undeniably meteoric rise to prominence, Vue remains unsupported by Core’s SpaServices. Meanwhile, ASP.NET Core’s two officially supported JavaScript frameworks — Angular and React — are both backed by massive corporations — coincidence?

(My design skills could use some work)

Preface (Post-Feedback)

I’ve received some (constructive) criticism on this article, and it was warranted. There’s a few things I should have been more clear on up-front.

First, my opinions and speculation regarding Microsoft’s dropping of Vue as an officially supported framework are just that — opinions and speculation. The larger goal of that discussion was to spark more conversation about the .NET …

Credit: Dank Mono

2018’s highest quality fonts for coding — free and paid.

Fonts play an interesting role in programming. I mean, a visually pleasing font certainly isn’t required to get your work done- but when you spend an exorbitant portion of your week staring at those little squiggly characters on the screen, it wouldn’t hurt if they looked good, right?

This is the question the burgeoning premium-programming-font market is asking prospective buyers, and if Dank Mono’s recent successful launch is any indicator- the demand is definitely there.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, is a sizable contingent of programmers that don’t support the idea of spending anywhere from $40 —…

Credit: Unsplash — Oskar Yildiz

Get ready to throw your mouse away. Powerful keyboard shortcuts, integrated window management, and vim-style text navigation in any app.

Easily memorized, quick to implement- these solutions will change the way you compute- whether you’re a novice looking for an edge, or a power-user programmer- everyone can benefit from something here.

A year ago, I began teaching myself how to program in earnest. I completely immersed myself in programming culture. There were so many amazing things to explore- it was like there were 10,000 doors, and I wanted to know what was behind each and every one. It was pure, unbridled passion. I knew what I was meant to do.

Their cursors cut through the code like katanas- mine felt like it had a ball and chain attached to it.

One of my first tasks was working through some online classes on HTML/CSS. While doing so, it didn’t take me long…

Overview of my Desktop

The best custom Mac icon sets, dock modifications, hidden tweaks, finder modifications and custom widgets to turn your OS X dock & desktop into a masterpiece that is completely your own.

When I left the world of Linux a little over a year ago and transitioned to OS X full time, there were a few things I missed. Most notable of those was the abundance of high quality, easily installable icon sets built for Linux desktops- as well as highly configurable dock applications like Plank.

iTerm vs. Hyper — my current configuration of each

Mac command line apps, plugins, tweaks, and tips to make your terminal exactly what you want it to be: functional, minimal, aesthetic, or all of the above- everyone will find something here.

When I left the world of Linux and made the full-time switch to OS X a little over a year ago, what I missed most was the robust community and plethora of options surrounding customizations, tweaks, and personalizations of the operating system and workstation. What follows is a guide outlining the quest to build my perfect OS X shell — a command line experience both functional and beautiful, without sacrificing one for the other. I hope my footsteps will save some likeminded travelers some time and frustration on their journey towards a perfect terminal experience.

Mile 1: Choosing a Shell Application

Owen Caulfield

.NET & Vue.js Developer

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