Amazon’s Go announcement will change supermarkets forever

Amazon’s announcement will change retail forever — Their focus to ensure that the customer experience with the check-out process is frictionless will affect how consumers interact with supermarkets and retailers forever.

It shows one more time that Amazon is leading on the innovation front, as companies have been aware of the technology and its implications for years, but their fear of cannibalising or changing their existing models, have paralysed their efforts to change and improve the customer experience.

Amazon without any ties (to a process that does not work, but has been accepted as the norm), is introducing a new concept in shopping that not only overtakes any concept that supermarkets may have been envisioning but revolutionises all aspects of their business, without giving them time to react nor adjust.

They have been able to defragment the customer supermarket experience and focused on introducing innovating in the check-out process, Amazon Go has changed the customer expectations in a single announcement and changed the landscape for supermarkets and retailers all over the world.

By removing the check-out requirements, they have changed the shopping paradigm and in the same token they are shortening the supply chain between the consumer and the manufacturer, they are creating stores that can become living organisms changing based on the needs of their community (as they are unbound by the requirements of a checkout line), they are creating a consumer experience that mimics their online transactions and their distribution capabilities will allow them to reach into new markets that supermarkets and retailers have long forgotten.

Jeff Bezos has always been an innovation leader, and this move into the supermarket will further establish him as a visionary leveraging technology to change the way that commerce is performed forever.

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