Password-less authentication — FIDO2 continues to make progress

Michael Queralt
Apr 22, 2019 · 1 min read

With the announcements of a FIDO2 by Google ( & and Microsoft ( ) Authentication is having a watershed moment-where past methods of authentication will be disrupted by a much simpler and modern authentication protocol.

This is not a discussion about the underlying protocol and security — the information about the standards and the technology documents can be found at the following link — but more about the rapid business adoption at scale driven by Google & Microsoft to claim a foothold on the upcoming digital identity ecosystem. Driven by providing a user-friendly but strong authentication utilizing interoperable standard protocols.

Understanding the impact of mobile and the consumarization of IT services these organizations will use their large identity stores with extensive end user data to build an authentication path that protects and links them closer to the burgeoning digital ecosystem of commerce, data, information and knowledge.

Organizations that ignore the advance of such protocols and how to embed them into their new application are playing a dangerous zero sum game. Digital Identity and Authentication is the trojan horse that creates end user stickiness to a platform or ecosystem, and they will reap the benefits of new economic models driven by digital identity and modern authentication protocols.

Michael Queralt

Written by

Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience.Bridging business and technology — focused on digital identity, authentication , privacy & access—

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