Looker & Google BigQuery Partnerships

When Caura formalized our partnerships with both Looker and Google, we had a sense that at some point it would be cool to demo some of the work we do with our clients using the two technologies. This, of course, never materialized. As much as our clients wanted to help us, the data was never something they were willing to share.

One alternative idea was to share insights about public data. As easy as it sounds, interesting insights in public data have little to do with the technology. Most interesting example on this are Ben Wellington’s tumblr posts. The guy is a genius at finding niche troves of data and hand-picking insights–nevermind the technology. So when we tried to do the same, we knew that this is going to be a poor demo for the power of technology: BigQuery’s ability to process billions of rows in a few seconds or Looker’s ability to help an analyst model all the business complexity. Still, we gave it a try. Please have a read:

Partner Tool Case Study: Analytics using Google’s BigQuery and Looker


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