There are many guys name “quality pros” using tech and their skills to spy and manipulate others threatening our privacies, human rights, peace and freedom nowsaday.

In the emergence of intelligent machines, the eminent British physicist Stephen Hawking warns that their development could pose a major threat to humanity. Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk called artificial intelligence “our biggest existential threat.”

In this video, Eugene Sonny Irvin delivers a third eye opening deep dive into the reality of artificial intelligence, it’s history and how the current technology is being used to manipulate and control our collective natural creative abilities to manifest negative timelines.
Eugene emphasizes that WE as Positive Light Beings have Victory over darkness.

Viewers beware, a sharp and clear thinking mind is a must

Nobel laureate and neuroscientist Gerald M Edelman says, “Consciousness is the guarantor of all we hold to be human and precious, its permanent loss is considered equivalent to death, even if the body persists in its vital signs.”

With our capability ‘to be conscious of being conscious’ we can not only grow in awareness of how our consciousness flows in relationships and processes but also infuse more positive consciousness into them which is sure to lead to brighter performance and more creativity in products. This is also the surest way to lead to an illumined management and an enlightened leadership.

Could we harness technology for the Evolution of Human Consciousness?

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