Do you feel called to take your leadership and life’s work to the next level?

Are you seeking greater success and a profound positive impact in the world?

Are you ready to lead the way forward in a more feminine way that is heart-centered and effective, spiritually-based and practical?

You’re not alone.

Women around the world are waking up, not only to our intrinsic power, but the importance of evolving our culture in a distinctively feminine way.

We hold ways of being, doing and leading that are essential for the evolution of humanity.

Our culture has been immersed in a masculine system of power for thousands of years. Now we’re being called to restore balance between masculine and feminine — ushering in a new era of wholeness, peace and creativity that can transform virtually every aspect of life.

The power of the feminine, in rightful balance with the masculine, is THE key to co-creating the world we know is possible…

Are you one of the women being called forward at this time? A spiritually-based, heart-centered and powerfully committed woman who is here to REALLY make a difference…

To answer this call, and to contribute to this new paradigm shift, it’ll take you stepping fully into your authentic leadership — one that is sourced in your power as a woman and your connection to your deepest wisdom and highest guidance.

In The Feminine Wake-Up Call, you’ll have the chance to discover the seven most important keys to truly inspired leadership — effective leadership in alignment with your soul’s purpose — from top leadership coach.

She will help you see that leadership is not a “power over” model, but about using your gifts for sensing, feeling, and aligning to move your work forward in a more organic, and joyful way.

This style of inspired leadership creates real bonds of connection between those who join together for a larger mission, whether as an entrepreneur, in a nonprofit or igniting a social movement.

Ultimately, it’s about bringing your unique artistry into change leadership as well as your genius for inspiring others.

As you do this, you become the kind of leader that others can trust…. and you don’t have to sacrifice your health and well-being in the process! You can learn to lead in a way that is both personally fulfilling, financially abundant and of great service.

If you’re committed to being a new kind of spiritually-based, integrated and inspirational leader who’s ready to make your next level of contribution, this free event is designed just for you!

Plus, grab your colleagues and best girlfriends to join you for this complimentary event!


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