The World is Awakening! Is the “No.1 Asia Tech/Startup Network” leader a terrorist and an Illuminati’s waiter?

The World is entering a new dimension of love, truth and light. We are all here to help others share, connect, teach and learn. Let’s share our dream of a peaceful and united planet, a new earth, built upon the foundations of love, compassion and wisdom.

Be awakening! There’re still some Illuminati’s waiters out there.

Let’s see Focus Asia. What is Focus Asia about? What about this FocusAsia charges members, totally control and spy others illegally? Everyone should be cautious about the dirty guy Sky Focus Asia Does this FA say that it is “the No.1 Asia Tech/Startup Network” and has “quality members” but deficient, inactive, helpless? The FA is like an Illuminati subalterns network afraid of others do open, free to help people. Moreover, its leader and some of his guys spend time, their pros and try their best to spy and dirty actions to attack others dedicated to the other awakening communities. Is he a terrorist? A selfish, greed Illuminati’s waiter? Is this the No.1 Asia spying and terrorist network?

Be cautious by this Illuminati’s subaltern and terrorist Focus Asia !!!

Learning the TRUE meaning of service now!

Love to all across the planet! — Namaste

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