Shopping+Gaming+Fundraising COMING SOON
Feb 6, 2019 · 2 min read


The origin and meaning of causee is based on a combination of the words cause+ ecommerce; blended to form the name causee.

Our innovative vision is to reshape the way people shop online while contributing to ALL types of causes globally. We realize consumers and their habits have changed over the years and our platform is designed to create a community of shoppers, retailers and charities working together. Each benefiting from one another.

Through advanced technology and a comprehensive study of economic trends our marketplace will be unlike anything you have experienced before.

In order to capture a diverse audience, we have added a gaming component to your shopping experience. Engaging our consumers with this new mechanism begins a new habit transformation. Introducing the ShopBoard! By participating on these boards, selected consumers will be able to purchase items at drastic discounts, that no other shopping platform currently offers. That is our reward back to you.

In addition, every purchase made on the ShopBoard will support a cause. We do not require nor ask our consumers for any type of contribution or specific dollar amount, simply participating on a board allocates funds to select charities and sponsors. Helping made simple.


With giants such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and others in the ecommerce space, can causee enter this market and actually disrupt the current trend of online shopping? Yes, we can.

This game changing innovation will not only disrupt the space but will actually create a new norm when shopping.


If you would like to be a Supplier please REGISTER HERE

If you would like us to consider your Cause, please register to be a SPONSOR HERE

If you would like to invest you can register to be a INVESTOR HERE

Stay tuned for more information and an exclusive invitation to join our upcoming Pilot Platform, Spring 2019

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Introducing Causee, the first-to-market shopping experience made fun! An e-commerce site with a gamification element, where every transaction is an opportuni

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