First Medium post on the last day of 2015

I have always been wanting to write a Medium story since the beginning of the year. I always have strong opinions about things that I stumbled upon everyday, but most of my opinions are really transient (also, I am too lazy to write them down, duh.) So, I never got around to writing a long post. Oh yeah, also because I am not a good writer. I usually write in the manner of speaking. Ok, enough with digression. Let’s get on with this.

To be fitting with the last day of the year, I will kinda review myself for the year 2015 cause that’s what people have been doing on Dec 31, right?

People come and go

A lot of people came and went out of my personal life and work life this year. I kinda felt sad whenever that happened. But, being an adult working full time in a developed country, I am finding these things more and more common. Unexpected changes everyday. I guess the only thing that is stable in life is instability. I still find that it sucks whenever that happens thou. I guess that’s what people call “life”.


I am finding out more and more that I suck at socializing. I am not good with small talk. At least that’s what I think about myself. Whenever I talk about something, the conversation can usually get really deep and serious. Sorry for people who tried small talk to me! I will try harder when you try to small-talk (not programming language, do you get it?) me next time.

Books, podcasts, articles and my online presence

There are a lot of books that I want to read, and never get around to, sadly. Time management is a pain. This year, I found this new thing “podcast” thou. Yes, a totally new thing for me! As my day job puts a strain on my eyes, just listening to podcasts is becoming my new favorite activity. “Serial” is the first thing that got me hooked on podcast. Now listening to Accidental Tech and Exponent. Not bad.

What about Facebook? I usually browse on Facebook just to catch up with news and friends’ activities. I rarely comment on posts. Yeah, I am a “lurker” in that sense. Seeing different posts on all sorts of topics drains my energy sometimes. I am the type of person who just wants to look up and learn what I am interested in. I don’t wanna be bombarded with all sorts of posts.

What about online articles and posts that I liked? Gosh, having a Facebook save feature and Pocket is a convenience as well as a time-slacking resort. So many articles that I saved there, but never got around to reading. I need to improve this habit.

Travelling and other activities

I did skydiving even after I heard the news that there was a skydiving accident in which both the skydiver and the instructor got injured. Badass, huh?

Oh yeah, also tried archery, kickboxing and rafting. I have also been into running since I bought Fitbit. But as winter is fully here, it is becoming harder to run outside.

I managed to travel alone this year too. I enjoyed it. I think everybody should try that sometimes. Whenever you travel in groups, you are most likely influenced by “group thinking”. It is always nice to travel alone and learn more about yourself once in a while.

P.S. Last but not least, I switched jobs this year too. No biggie.

Anyway, have an awesome year ahead. Thanks for reading my self-indulgent post!

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