Cauveé [call-vay] Coaching: Is It For Me?

Do you want to close more business?
Are you looking to be a consistent top performer?
Do you love working with and helping people?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you may want to consider enrolling for Cauveé Coaching. Here’s what our students are learning:


Art of Sales: Relationship Mastery

The Art of Sales: Relationship Mastery program is an application-over-theory program. Anyone can tell you what to do, but by doing we learn the most.

Our modules include:

  1. Selling101- The Basics of Selling Effectively
  2. The Sales Process: Getting Closer to the Close
  3. The Art of Prospecting 1A: How to find the “Right Customers.”
  4. The Art of Prospecting 1B: Strategies to find the “Right Customers.”
  5. The Art of Probing 1A: How to Ask the Right Questions.
  6. The Art of Probing 1B: What are the Right Questions.
  7. Cold Calling: How to Cold Call Effectively
  8. Staying Motivated: What to do to keep upbeat spirits and deliver everyday!
  9. Understanding the Prospect: Psychology of the Buyer
  10. Closing Strategies & Techniques: How to Close at 30% or Higher

The Right Students

Everything that we represent is a success. So that means our students will complete the program and graduate as a success. Our goal is to have a 95% success rate or above. With that said, are you the right fit?

Our Student Body

Our students have W.I.T. We’re not referring to their book smarts or street smarts. We are talking about a Whatever It Takes attitude to get to the next level. Here are the attributes we look for in each and every one of our students.

  • Determined and hungry
  • Committed
  • Integrity
  • Love for people and building relationships
  • Love for selling
  • Love for solving problems
  • Strive for Excellence
  • Goal Driven


Student Testimonial- What Is It Like Working With Cauvee?


We’d love the opportunity to help you determine if this program is the right fit. Ready to apply?


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