Relationship Mastery: How To Identify Sales Prospects? — What is the Secret?


This is a great question by Jerome Syed he asks:

Q: “What is the secret to successfully identifying potential sales prospects?”

A: There is no secret sauce or magic formula. We can not waive a magic wand and automatically justify who is the target customer. What we will want to do is:

  • Identify the target market (who are they)
  • Address common pains (why do they need your service/product)
  • What are you the salesman or woman going to do differently

So #1, I don’t know what Jerome, or you the reader, sales. What I know is NO matter the product/service or the industry, if you’re solving a valuable problem you’re needed.

Your target market will be sorted by variables including but not limited to:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Annual Revenue
  • Net Income
  • And More!

I’ve learned the long way to not automatically guess who is a fit. Based on the price and what you offer will determine if they are a fit. Few questions for you:

  • Do you have customers (yes or no)?
  • Does your company have a reputation (yes or no)?
  • Is your product/service premium, moderately priced or economically friendly?

All questions we have to ask ourselves when determining our target market…make sense?

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