Cafe Culture



It’s too obvious to even bother to say, but if the space isn’t clean your customers will not be your customers for long. There are so many things that make up the cleanliness, so let me bring up a few that get me everytime. Tidy is clean…whether your cafe is busy, or slow, you cannot make your cafes heart sing with clutter. It just does not convey the right image. Have one person step back, tidy up. It’s that reset that everyone working needs to see clearly and move forward. The cloth…ever notice the cloth? Hopefully they keep it hidden. Damn, they shouldn’t even have one. Keeping a working surface dry and clean, that’s the way to go. Dishes, yup, they should be clean or out of site. Time, this one is really amazing. If there is time, available time, the space should be reset back to clean and tidy. If you are a customer, and walk into a cluttery, untidy, dish ridden, chaotic space, you will feel like they were not ex


This is obvious too. Writing endlessly will not get us there. Without them you are doomed to nothing. However you choose to draw them in: FB, catering, happy hour specials, and your consistent amazing product, every effort will encourage business.


How a customer is greeted and how they interact will forever change the way they view your cafe. You have so much to give, and share with your concept of how you like to eat, what you like to serve and the seasoning and spices. Figure out how your conversations with your customers progress. There is nothing so delightful as having a staff engaged and engaging. They enjoy the customers, and the customers enjoy more aspects of your business. We don’t even have to talk about bad experiences, because there are so many of those.

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