Fruit for fruit sake


This is downtown Bangkok. And She is just going to spend the day keeping up with the love of fresh fruit. When I moved back to the states I was about 14 years old. It’s taken me a while to recognize all the different lifestyle details that any culture has. We have some good one, especially right now, where quality and passion of a certain culinary item is alive and well. Think: cubano, cheese fries in a waffle cone, even an espresso food truck. But straight up fresh fruit, or fruit juice, unadulterated…I have yet to see that one.

Creating concepts for cafes, restaurants and foodie items, that’s happening, by leaps and bounds. This is an era where the milleniums try and achieve remarkable feats. My impression of these inventive and creative generation is a sense of awe. Here is an espresso pop up cafe—created by a team of nerdy coffee lovers. If you could see the inner workings, the behind the scenes you would be so amazed: to have an espresso machine in a parking lot means you need water, you need electricity. They had it. They had filtered water with tubes and pipes encased in basic wood boxes, for easy transport.

Maryland Film Festival

So, it’s all to say, if there can be complicated creation, in a popup, on the spot, then it’d be wonderful to simply have real food, simply presented. The joy of eating and apple or mango is a pretty sweet one. Well, so is the complicated delicious espresso, with single origin coffee from the remote hills of Papua New Guinea. We all love variety, don’t we.

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