A Happiness System set to get Customers Smiling

Yes, smiling and happy. That is what we want each customer of Cavalry to be. In fact, not only do we want our customers smiling, we want them to be absolutely ecstatic.

ARN recently published an article, highlighting our commitment to exceptional customer service. For their article they interviewed Peter Low about our ‘Happiness Project’.

It is our belief that every company needs to be equated with something. For Volvo it is safety, Optus says ‘yes’ and Woolworths are the ‘fresh food people’. Here at Cavalry, we want to be associated with happiness.

With the Happiness Project we envision a new form of customer service feedback. It is our belief that increased customer satisfaction is key to the impressive growth experienced by Cavalry. At a time when world economies are struggling, a happy customer tells us that we are on the right track.

Lengthy questionnaires about customer satisfaction simply don’t work. In today’s fast paced world, customers want to get on with business as soon as possible. So in order to get better feedback from our clients, we had to simplify our customer service feedback.

Instead of a lengthy form with several questions that customers rarely bothered completing, we came up with a system where customers simply press either a green smiley face or a red grumpy face. If a customer pressed on the grumpy face, a manager calls him/her for feedback on the negative response. Instead of having the customer complete a lengthy questionnaire, the manager gets the information over the phone and then produces a report card which provides feedback for management and staff.

Peter got the idea from a similar feedback system at Sydney Airport when going through customs. And it has worked as well for Cavalry to ensure happy customers as it has worked at the airport. In fact, we envision that feedback will go from around 10–20% to 80–90%.

This new concept in customer feedback enables us to boost our customer satisfaction, as it allows us to constantly tweak our offerings to suit our clients’ individual needs.

Healthy in-office competition is always good and allows for a lively atmosphere. So we use our new customer feedback system as an in-office system based around game theory. The feedback goes into software (soon to be a real time widget on every customer support operator’s desktop) which produces real time leader boards, satisfaction rates, call times and other statistics. We believe that this encourages competition amongst staff and makes the environment more fun to work in. What can be more fun than our awards system that each staff member strives towards?

  • The Borat award: ‘That’s very nice’ for exceptional customer service.
  • The Buzz Lightyear award: For going way ‘above and beyond’.
  • The Terminator award: For ‘killing it’ in sales.

These are only a few examples of the awards our staff work harder for than Meryl Streep for an Oscar.

Our new system is being launched this month amongst a few of our select partners, after which it will be rolled out more widely.

“You can get philosophical and say — how do you measure happiness? I just say, show me. Everyone knows how important customer satisfaction is,” Peter told ARN.

Cavalry remains focused on its SMB end of the market, but we have been approached more by mid-market operators. However, we want to maintain market discipline and not undermine our company’s reputation by trying to spread ourselves too thinly.

At the end of the day, nothing makes us happier than seeing a happy customer.

Originally published at www.cavalry.com.au.