Journal #9: Week 10

Thursday’s Class: 3/21/19

What kind of person does Ida come across as? (Her ethos/character)

  • Because Ida B Wells is concerned about her community and her people she possesses philkundia, a love of risk taking, to just get to the point and not be afraid of the slander, potential outcasting and hunting of her person. She also has the quality of philanthropia because of her love for her people. In class we discussed how she’s bold, can be un civil when people are acting unjust, passionate about equality, and was educated in the classics which is major for an African American but not impossible. Being educated was one thing for African Americans but being educated in the classics was somethign that white people used to mark their superiority. While some may have thought she had to prove herself as an elite, she didn't need to because her ability to be progressively community minded and articulate her motive and mission to ANYONE exceeded that of many of her critics and haters. Below are some references to other pieces of work where traits like Ida’s popped up:

Allusion- reference to other works of history

The odyssey

- Soteria- salvation

- Eudikia- justice

- Bringing about prosperity and fidelity


- Soteria

- Eirene- peace; reconciliation

- Women= restoration of the virtuous patriarchy

o Women come to the rescue but men get back into power and almost get all the glory

  • Ida’s Vision was to have a nation based on Education and Character

- Tied to Philoctetes

- Character traits of Neoptolemus

- Idea of Soteria- whats more important the bow or the man? (Answer is Both)

- Man is important for friendship

- Ida’s

o Courage of conviction

o Perserverance/patience- patience= I suffer

o Passion is suffering

o Self control- sophrosune; stealing yourself in situations where your emotions might get the best of you



- Similar to that in Lysistrata

- Noting where there are divisions in your community and knowing how to fix them

- Reconciliation- coming back to the council; back to a p;ace in your community where you share common values and goals


- Is what we do ultimately benefitting humanity?

- There are different types of humanity

Session One:

For this leadership exercise, then, you will develop a checklist, or questionnaire, of behaviors and character traits you see in Benjamin Otálara. Accordingly, every time you notice something about his character, translate it into a generic, third-person question you might ask in the future if you were, say, a person in a leadership role trying to decide whether to bring this kind of person into your community. So, for example, based on your reading of ❡1, you might develop a question like this: “Is this (generic) person willing to take risks (daring) but in an amoral way, i.e., they are not doing it for any greater good but only for the love of danger or for their personal gain?” Thus, you will continue to develop your questionnaire throughout your reading of the story.

Part 3’s Checklist:

  • arrogant- Is this person willing to put others needs and matters before their own?
  • bold/cocky- Is this person able to self reflect on their actions and decisions?
  • full of himself-
  • self entitled- Does this person understand what is due to them is what they earned not given just because of who they are?
  • manipulative- Can this person take orders whether they fit their desires or not?
  • wanna be master mind- How thoroughly does this person analyze situations?

Part 5’s Questions:

What has your interaction with such a person been? Have you found them off-putting or seductive? Were they able to manipulate you in some way? Now that you have a clearer impression of this character type, how will you deal with such people in the future? Could a good leader employ this kind of person to a good end? Can any of these Otálara’s traits be strengths? If so, in what situations could you imagine them being of use? Does Bandeira enrich himself and others by using Otálora the way he does? How do we try and eliminate these persons from leadership positions in corporate or social entities? From political office? From any position in which they could weaken the community/society? If you notice them in yourself, how can you eliminate these traits?


Tuesday’s Class: 3/26/19

El Muerto

Do you know anyone like Otalara?

How would you deal with people like this in your life?

What is the place of the bad leader in our lives?


- Psychopathy- the antisocial personality disorder

- Narcissism

o Related personality disorder

o Malignant- malevolent, ill willed; crave attention


- The “anti-mentee”


- Braggart- Loud mouth (Trump)

o Bragging

o Can’t hold a secret

o Over confidence

o Not thinking before they speak

o Reckless

o Thoughtless/no filter

o Talk over people

o Exaggeration/ fabrication

o Denigrating others- putting down their achievements

o Self-referential-

§ Self promoting awards, achievements, name dropping

o Status/Ego Security

§ Can’t live in a world where they are not the highest level of something

o Pathological

- What is the right level of self promotion?


- Philokindunia- obsession with courage/ daring/ risk taking

(associated with Cyrus and philotimia — love of being honored)

o Similar to me in high school loving to see a fight

o Who do you know like this?

Otalara- became obsessed with courage, power, image

- Too Mysterious/ Nepios- Disconnected

o Doesn’t really have family

o Wanderer

o Orphan

o Figure without Kleos

§ No tales of him yet he has so much to say

§ Only remembered as a bad person who was always destined to fail

o Eleanor Shelstrop- From The Good Place

§ Doesn’t want to bond with anyone else

o Had to run away after killing man when he was 19

§ Doesn’t experience nostalgia- no longing for home; past is past

§ When you leave a place do you miss it?

- Mistaking Luck for Skill

o Ascribe lucky success to having skill

o tied to grandiosity- believing that you are more awesome than you are

§ false sense of destiny

- No Remorse

o Morse- small bite

Provincial caudillo- head captain

- Unconfessed sadness

- Pure taste of danger

Damnatio memoriae

- When a community goes out of it’s way to forget a person

- Greeks used to go up to statues and scrape off the face


- Didn’t get taken to court for ingratitude

- Refresh on notes for quiz


- Luck

- Bandera’s manipulation of an idea to rise to power

- Bandera

o Likes to humiliate people

o Twist and turn them for his own advantages

o Dark figure/Evil



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