Here is my original comment:
The Siren Speaks

Your original comment was and still is wrong. Black Americans commit 26% of the crime, not 52%. Why double it? I pointed out that the year you mentioned shows 82.3% of white on white murders and 89% of black on black murders (we murder where we live). 3,021 white Americans were killed by 2,488 white Americans (black Americans accounted for 446 of those deaths), while 2,451 black Americans were killed by 2,205 black Americans), while 187 black Americans were killed by white Americans.

Who the frack are you to tell BLM or any other group what they should be protesting? America is allowing people of color to kill themselves because of cradle to grave racism. First there is the schoolhouse to prison pipeline that makes school fights and dress code violations a crime. Then comes the for-profit prison system needing slaves to do corporate labor and demanding at least an 80% occupancy. Racism is the cause of most inner city schools being inadequate to get into a good college. Racism continues when a white man with a felony can get a job over a black man without one (google this if you don’t believe me). Racism also is why a white high school dropout can get a job over a black American with a degree. Then the racist circle completes itself because now this black American has to live in a ghetto and send his children to a school that doesn’t prepare them for college. Yet you think we shouldn’t go to war with a criminal justice system that uses black bodies for labor just like we did during slavery and Jim Crow? Are you really that silly?

A criminal who is killed via extra-judicial killing is okay with you? Mike Brown deserved to die over allegedly robbing a liquor store for $5 dollar cigars? Eric Garner deserved to die for selling $2 dollar loose cigarettes? That you feel that these kind of deaths are trivial shows all America needs to know about you and your compassion for your fellow American. The penalty for theft is usually a suspended sentence, not death. Pepsi doesn’t have a clue, just like you. Your fake news came to my attention as I was researching actual stats so it incensed me that someone so racist could casually use fake news to prove their racist and misguided point. Apologizing for giving the wrong information makes it okay?

FBI Table 43 has years for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, just google FBI Table 43. You felt that murder was the number one killer of black Americans and it wasn’t in the top 5, yet you still believe it and tell others this fake news. If you are not upset that 70% of all crime is done by white males and continue to nitpick the 26% of crime that black Americans do — how are you helping by thinking BLM should not focus on its mission to stop unarmed black Americans from being killed by our police. Are you aware that this criminal policing costs the taxpayers $250 Million dollars a year? We paid the families of Tamir Rice-$6 million; Laquan McDonald- $5 million; Mike Brown-$1.5 million; Eric Garner-$5.9 million; Christian Taylor — $1 Million; Samuel DuBose — $5 Million Sandra Bland-$1.9 million; Freddie Gray-$6.4 million; Walter Scott — $6.5 Million; Philando Castile — $3 Million; Bryan Beaird — $5 Million; and Alfonso Liman — $6.7 Million. Yet despite this taxpayer money flowing for their criminal actions, not one damn police officer is in jail for murder. And you don’t think this is a cause for war?

Maybe you should work on English, grammar and accuracy before anything you say can be believed. As you are writing, I’m reading not listening, but the level of stupid you possess is astonishing. I’m not here to correct your racist assumptions. Just understand from where I sit you don’t have a fracking clue and are making things worse with your fake news.

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