How Gary Vaynerchuk Inspired Me to Get More Sh*t Done

I started following Gary in the middle of 2014. At the time I was a year and a bit into running my own digital agency, so watching Gary’s content was inspiring, but more so actionable.

I started my company with a $2500 student loan during my senior year of university. I had no real business experience, I just knew I needed to create something for myself. To a lot of the outside world, foregoing grad school, and starting an office in your college room isn’t the greatest idea. However, through content like Gary’s I was able to reaffirm that I was doing the right thing.

First office set up in my room.

Since that time we’ve built our team to have three offices (LA, Vancouver and Toronto), and we’ve started to work with some of the biggest brands in the world.

We didn’t know what we were doing or where we were going. I just knew we had to keep the foot on the gas. This is something I can always count on Gary’s content to keep me thinking about.

A lot of what Gary did with personal brand, allowed him/Vayner to punch above their weight class and unseat some of the major agencies. I’ve taken the same model to heart, becoming an Inc Magazine columnist, starting my own YouTube marketing show, and taking on speaking engagements around North America.

To be honest, I don’t watch much of Gary’s content these days, which I think he actually wants.

His message is to get to work, and once it hit me that I shouldn’t be watching DailyVee during my lunch break, but rather punching out a piece of content for myself things started to take off. I looked at everything I was doing and asked, “Is this helping me build the life I want?” If the answer was no, then I cut it from my routine.

With Gary’s content listening to his advice is one thing, implementing it on a daily basis a completely different challenge — and one I’m excited to keep going after.

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